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Rock abseiling, also known as rappelling, is a thrilling sport that involves descending steep rock faces or cliffs using specialized equipment and ropes. Unlike rock climbing, which involves ascending a rock face, abseiling entails a controlled descent down the rock face using a rope and harness system. A harness is worn by the participant and attached to a rope, which is anchored to a secure point at the top of the cliff or rock face. The participant then lowers themselves down the rock face, controlling the speed of their descent using the rope and braking devices. Abseiling can be performed both indoors and outdoors and is commonly used in adventure sports. Proper safety training and equipment, as well as strength, balance, and skill, are required to perform abseiling.
The Java Institute Rock Abseiling club provides a safe opportunity to enjoy rock abseiling. The club conducts systematic training from beginner to advanced levels.