A "Made in Sri Lanka" Product from Java Institute

Java Robotics and Intelligent System Research Centre (JRIRC) of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology has invented an electronic device that that protects lives and properties from gas explosions.

This particular gas detector was built under the guidance of Mr. Dhanushka Kodikara, the Chief Engineer and a Director of the JRIRC. The entire designing and production life cycle of this new innovation was handled at the Java Institute Electronic Production Line and the Java Institute is proud to manufacture this electronic product under the titles of “Made in Sri Lanka” and “Manufactured by Java Institute for Advanced Technology”.

According to the Java Institute Engineers, the unique attributes of this device when compared with other existing gas detectors are very simple installation, sensitivity, low electricity consumption and the ability to interface with other Systems, such as fire alarms, gas automatic stop valves, connected to the user via the internet or GSM networks using the user's’ handheld device or PC.

This device has a rising demand in numerous industries other than houses including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, elders' homes, gas supply channels, gas storage units and many more.

“The device has been developed to be sensitive to less than 300 parts per million of any gas that becomes mixed with the surrounding air. In other words, this device is able to detect the minimum required quantity of gas that could potentially lead to a fire, which is less than 10% of the total. When it detects leaked gas, the device notifies via a siren. And devices outputs are capable to automatically close the flammable gas supplies. LPG, propane, alcohol, and other similar inflammable gaseous materials are all detected through the device. The entire power consumption of this device is less than 1 unit per month. Using the device is highly convenient as it only involves installing it at the required location and a connection to the gas supply. The device can be configured to be highly sensitive or to be low sensitive according to the requirements and conditions of the environment. The device can also be calibrated to suit the atmospheric factors of any environment via a single button. External ports of this new gas detector can be used to achieve additional functionalities. For example, the devices is able to detect not only inflammable gases but also other means through which fires could be ignited. Furthermore, this invention could be used to automatically close gas supply channels, cut off electricity to buildings, and send messages remotely to mobile devices.”

Finally it is with pride that we announce that the Java Institute is currently engaged in many inventions to serve mother Sri Lanka with a wide array of products with the title of “MADE IN SRI LANKA”. Furthermore, in order to market these Electronic Devices locally and internationally, Brys Technologies (Pvt) Ltd has connected with the Java Institute.

For bulk purchasing and customised solutions, please contact Mr. Dhanushka Kodikara on 0779 002 215.

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